9 Creative Ways To Announce Your Engagement

Ready to announce your engagement before you start planning the big day? Think outside the wedding ring box, and make an announcement in a way that matches your personalities!

Go Viral These days, there’s a YouTube video for everything so why not announce your engagement with a fun video? Check out our favorite, YouTube Engagement Announcement.

Make It A Blockbuster Get creative and fun and make use of your photo shopping skills for a blockbuster way to announce your engagement. Take a classic movie poster and recreate it to announce the news.


Surprise your party guests Pick an upcoming holiday and gather all your family and friends and surprise everyone by announcing that it’s an engagement party too!

Say It With Cake This goes hand in hand with number 3 but you can also say it with sweets. Bake cupcakes that spell out “We’re Engaged!” or make/order custom cookies saying the same are a sweet way of announcing the news.


Sing It! Love to sing? Invite friends out for a karaoke night and put in a request for your favorite wedding song but don’t tell anyone. Then when it’s your turn to take the stage and the chorus comes up, announce the news for real!

Play Telephone Man If you plan on announcing the news to long distance family and friends first, enlist the help of a younger family member or even on the of couples’ kids to share the news over the phone.

Create a website Create an online home for your engagement and wedding with a website. Include your engagement announcement, calendar of events and wedding day info all in one spot for your guests.

Share The Proposal If you got to catch the proposal on film or with photos make a collage and share the link with friends and family! For more fun, title the video something mischievous like  ”This How You Surprise Your Friends!” or “Guess what ‘John’ Did!” to surprise people when they open the link.

Snail Mail Can’t go wrong with a classic printed engagement announcement card in the mail. Check out our Pinterest board filled with great cards.

Got a fun engagement announcement? Share it with us!